Follow these essential digital marketing trends in 2019

The online medium is the most dynamic amongst all forms of communication today. There is an imminent need to be identified amongst the masses in order to make a significant impact and build one’s business. Such an impact can be made by following various parameters related to the top digital marketing trends in 2019.

The phenomenal increase in video ad spending, interactive content and live video

One of the main mediums to see how live videos and interactive content have taken over our lives is Facebook. Notice how every other post is a video post today. Similar to this, when you prepare your website or create a Facebook page for your business, ensure that there are interesting videos. Also. You may have noticed that the Facebook Live option tends to attract a huge number of visitors over a very small time. Use this to good effect on your website or social media page. Just like written content, more and more companies are investing in video ads these days. Irrespective of whether you create videos for Facebook, Instagram, YouTube or your own website, it is a very effective tool for digital marketing.

Increasing adoption of AI and chatbots-

If your company is part of the service industry, it makes a lot of sense to use Artificial Intelligence (AI). This comprises of software programs which are meant to provide customer support with minimum errors, and also without human interventions. More and more websites, especially the ones for training and education, are making use of chatbots these days. This trend is going to remain at least in the next ten years.

Low organic search and traffic

Whenever Google introduces a new feature for the Search Engine Results Page (SERP), organic traffic gets hit. Click through rates have been dropping, and 2019 will see this in continuation. For example, users do not always have to click on a link when there are answer boxes that provide answers without requiring to click on them. SEO strategy will need to change this year, and brands will have to focus more on brand awareness.      

Stories will be able to bring about engagement

Stories are visible both on Facebook and Instagram. Over the course of this year, these stories will incorporate more features. Brands will start sharing a lot of microcontent in the form of stories, thereby engaging the customer more.

The explosion in vernacular content-

Internet in India is available across all mobile networks and at fairly low rates. This will lead to an increased demand for content in different languages. This will need to figure in a brand’s digital marketing strategy.

Voice interaction

Indians are already familiar with Apple’s Siri, Google Home and Amazon Alexa. The use of voice interaction to do all jobs is likely to define digital marketing in 2019.

This year, a number of brands will look to experiment with their brand strategies and come up with innovation in promotions. Spearheading new formats will help brands take lead in the competition.


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