Google search rankings: Organic search results are the biggest driving force of all the traffic that moves to your website. On a priority, each one of us as a business owner seeks to rank as high as possible in a Google search. This is so crucial. 

Google uses web crawlers to rank websites. These web crawlers scan and index pages and Google rates and provide an opinion for each page on its authority and usefulness to the end-user. Moreover, it follows a typical website ranking process comprising a series of actions. Google also constantly tweaks its search engine algorithms leaving some fundamental strategies the same to help you improve your organic search results. 

At Silicon Valley Web Solutions, we help our clients rank their websites in an organic yet different way. If you aren’t still ranking in the search engine results pages and all that hard work does not give you better results, then we recommend you to read this blog. We shall take you through some of the best strategies that we follow by leveraging the smart technologies of Google website ranking tools. So let us give you a rundown of what this piece shall cover for you. 

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How Does Google Rank Websites?

According to Google, for a given search query, if your page ranks higher in the search result pages, then this means you are the most relevant result. The search result pages respond to specific search pages created from keywords and phrases. Google AI picks up the meaning behind each query and converts them into concepts instead of just individual words. Besides, there are certain ranking factors created and adjusted by Google’s AI algorithms itself. 

The Google search engine creates an index of web pages and offers it to those who are looking for information. What they expect is your website must be mobile-friendly and responsive about everything. Hence, Google has introduced multiple tools and services for small and mid-sized businesses that can take advantage of these multiple technologies. We at Silicon Valley web solutions are providing below Google tools for generating better rankings for our new business startup entrepreneurs and medium-sized businesses. 

We Use These Google Tools To Improve the Search Rankings of Our Client Websites

Google My Business

Google My Business is a free tool that makes your business visible along with other related local business listings. Your business information such as website, phone number, review ratings, address, hours, and much more is visible to your potential customers. The tool provides some amazing stats and analytics. The beauty of this tool is in its uncomplicated UI and seamless functionality of various features.

We use this tool for improving the overall business visibility and building the lead generation capacity of our clients. According to reports, 56% of actions on Google My Business listings are website visits and 16% of businesses receive more than 100 calls each month just from Google My Business alone. However, you need to keep the business profile updated with the latest updates about your business and add relevant images, create posts and gather feedback from clients to increase your visibility. We provide all these GMB services to our clients so they could completely focus on their business expansion activities. 

With a team of Google experts, we have helped our clients improve in the following ways:

Google Adwords

With the impact of Google Adwords, the marketing world has seen a drastic transformation. Now known as Google Ads, this stunning tool completely works on Pay Per Click (PPC). It is a platform that allows business entrepreneurs and marketing professionals to advertise their brands online. We provide online advertising services on this platform where there are over 5 billion search queries on daily basis. With Google Ads, we have helped our clients reach their business goals. 

For all our clients across the globe, we provide Google Ads campaign services on monthly basis. Our experts have leveraged the benefits of this stunning digital marketing tool to help businesses provide meaningful messaging to their target audience. We provide the below services:

Google Analytics

Being a business owner, you might already know what is Google Analytics. Today more than 73.8 million websites are Google Analytics customers. The tool offers a host of compelling features and benefits for all levels of the workforce like executives, marketing professionals, content developers to site owners. With millions of businesses switching over to this amazing tool, we recommend our clients gauge their business performance with Google Analytics. To get a better grasp of their website, we help them find ways to maximize the benefits of this tool. 

We at Silicon Valley Web Solutions, provide the following Google Analytics services to our clients: 

Google Reviews

Google Reviews is the surest way to give your business a huge credibility boost without spending a single penny. When people give reviews online and share their thoughts about your company, it levels up the playing field where expensive campaigns, marketing hype, and slick copies become less relevant. The tool gives the searcher a wide space to make informed decisions on whether they should engage with that business, based on the reviews given by actual customers. However, positive reviews have unprecedented power.

And this is where we help our clients get an edge over other competitors. We help our clients build sustainable customer relationships that exponentially benefit them in obtaining genuine product or service feedback via Google Reviews.

We provide the below services to our clients for getting positive reviews:

Level up Your Website Performance and Hit The Charts Like Never Before!

At Silicon Valley Web Solutions, we know how to maximize the benefits of Google tools. From marketing your business to fetching the best feedback, analytics performance to spiking conversion ratios, and much more, we help you sail through the digital marketing journey. Get in touch with our digital marketing experts to boost your business performance. We are here to help you improve your brand visibility!


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