Use of AI in web development- truth or farce?

Technology today has reached a whole new level, capable of adding fuel to our wildest imaginations. Artificial Intelligence (AI) was previously seen only in Hollywood movies, but today it is visible across a number of companies. There exists a misconception amongst many that AI is applicable only to robotics, but that is not completely true.

AI exists in coexistence with web development these days, in the form of language processing units and others. Some of the areas of web development where AI has found application include:

  • User’s Store Experience
  • AI Virtual assistants or chatbots
  • Predictive SEO through AI
  • Quality assurance and testing
  • Machine Learning
  • Self-learning algorithms to help code faster

User ‘s Store Experience– Virtual stores have now been created across the Internet for a variety of brands such as Apple and used car retailer Vroom in the USA. At Vroom, you are allowed to see the cars in a virtual showroom and also take virtual test drives.

Chatbots– Chat bots or Virtual Assistants are available on a variety of websites, especially those related to e-learning. Whenever you visit a particular e-learning website, a chatbot will pop up on the side, asking you which course you are interested in. The bot is programmed to answer a number of questions related to these courses and can keep answering you accordingly. This eliminates the need to have a human at the other end.

Predictive SEO through AI– Automation, personalization and insights are the three major areas where AI can assist SEO. Areas that need automation in SEO are keyword search, content distribution, tag management and internal linking. Tasks need to be broken down into sub-tasks here, for which algorithms are necessary.

Algorithms for self-learning– Coding is a major challenge for any web development project, which includes functionalities such as editing or adding database records or considering sections of code that may be critical to solving problems. Now artificial algorithms are capable of creating codes with self-modifying abilities that allow developers to create bots and apps in a quicker time than before.