What are the pros and cons of having online presence?


Online presence: The appearance of your site is critical: keep it clean, sparse and tidy. You don’t get a second chance to make a first impression, so your website is your interview suit, not your old jeans and t-shirt with last night’s curry on it. I love sequins and shiny, flashy things as much as the next person, but not on a website. Your pages should not offend the eye nor strobe in such a manner as to cause a fit.


It’s no doubt that having an online presence is essential in every business owner’s arsenal of tools. Additionally, being well represented online is necessary to becoming successful in most industries. However, building a presence online is easy. All you need is a simple website packed with good information about your products and services. Furthermore, no matter how small or big, what industry you belong to, having these two vital components can help your business be found by anyone, anywhere and at any given time. Likewise, Just imagine having your business partially operational round the clock, a virtual showroom open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week!

24/7 accessibility

Reach a greater audience and increase your customer base
Next, convenient selling with the help of shopping carts integrated with secured payment gateways
Easy and affordable way to market your brand as opposed to print with dwindling readership, billboards which have limited reach and tv commercials that have very expensive air time
An exciting and fun way to connect with your customers and potential consumers by posting useful and engaging content in your blog or through social media
A casual and easy way to get instant reviews, testimonials and feedbacks from your products or services’ consumers through blog comments and social media interactions
Improve customer service by interacting with them directly
Use the capabilities online for continuous focus group feedback
The possibilities are endless!


Nonetheless, the fact is that your web presence is interconnected. Moreover, the problem is that you can’t know everything. There isn’t one individual that can be good at website optimization, blogging, SEO, advertising, social media, mobile development, and email marketing. Even Internet marketers, who spend all their time studying the industry, can’t hope to learn enough about all the different facets to do it all. As a result, this means that you’ll need to rely on a number of specialized professionals to get it all done right. And those professionals will have overlapping skill sets. Or worse, skill gaps of which you may not even be aware.

  • Businesses will normally need to pay out a lot of money to have their websites professionally designed and developed.
  • The staff required to run the online business will need to have the expertise to manage the website and keep it maintained.
  • If the website goes down, no one will be able to purchase anything meaning the company are making no money
  • No personal contact with the customers means hard to convert prospects into leads.
  • A lot of online fraud, means there is a risk of losing money on sales

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