Why you need hashtags for a business

Any catchphrase or word as per situation that is preceded by a hash (#) sign is called as a hashtag. This increases interest in a specific subject and thereby facilitates a search for the same. By adding a hashtag to any post, an internet user gets indexed by the social media network and be searched by other users. For example, Twitter hashtags, Facebook hashtags, and Instagram hashtags are commonly known.  

The hashtag is described as a vital marketing strategy for segregating messages on Twitter and can be used as influential marketing tools. There are a variety of reasons for which hashtags are used:

  1. Any discussion or topic can be started by using them. One can talk about a variety of topics, following which these hashtags would be arranging various topics so that users can locate and follow them easily. 
  2.  Chats can be joined and hosted with hashtags. Twitter chats or Tweet chats will increase followers for your company. Hashtags to cover people who can give insights for your business may also be found. 
  3. If you want to host a contest on the Internet and create greater brand awareness for your product, make use of hashtags. More people may also be invited in this manner. The search function on Twitter can be utilized to find relevant hashtags.
  4. Organize posts and tweets related to your company with the help of Twitter hashtags
  5. For current updates and the latest sources of information about your business, hashtags are helpful. Coaches and mentors to guide you on business strategies can also be found. 

Now not every hashtag can be used in the same way as the other. The way in which you use them on Facebook, for example, is very different from the manner in which they are used on Instagram. Here’s how:

  1. How to use hashtags on Facebook– Use only 1-2 hashtags to promote products and services here. More than that will result in low engagement. You must allow your post to become public, such that other people can comment and follow you, and not just family and friends. 
  2. Using hashtags on Instagram– You will get at least 12.6% more engagement here, so make sure you use hashtags. It is absolutely fine to have them in good numbers, where 11 of these generates the best engagement. 30 hashtags are the limit in every post here. unlike Facebook.
  3. Hashtags on Google+ – More engagement on Google Plus means more hashtags. They are also said to have SEO benefits. As a general figure, look to include 1-3 of them in every post. 
  4. Making use of hashtags on LinkedIn– Adding them to your business profile will help you gain visibility on the site. In case you are writing long-form content on LinkedIn, relevant hashtags will help the website categorize your content easily. Stick to the rule of 1-2 at the moment. 

Just like every marketing tool, it is important to carry out some research on hashtags before including them in every single social media post. Make sure you check competition- Are they using hashtags aggressively? Are they bombarding followers with these and is it increasing engagement for them? Examples of hashtags are #socialmedia, #longdrive, and #keymetricsofgrowth.