Social media mistakes: All of us, including the top companies, love to be active on social media 24/7. During the whole day, we involve ourselves in creating stories, posts and uploading pictures and videos. At times, what we may not realize that in a bid to attract maximum attention, we may be making a lot of mistakes on digital media. The idea behind this article is to be aware of and eventually nullify such social media mistakes.

Posting only promotional material

Most companies’ top management often believes that displaying only promotional content is the right approach. However, this is not true. By following this practice and turning off updates, your audience may lose interest in your upcoming content. To engage your followers, put yourself in their shoes and ask, ‘How will this benefit me?’ When you have answers to this, it ensures that you share content that genuinely interests your followers.

Inappropriate content

Your audience is not interested to know your political or social views, or what you think of your neighbours. Instead, they want to read about your expertise in the industry you belong to. Unnecessary discussions on social media will result in dilution of your brand.

Long verbal discussions can be beneficial

Any long discussion on posts related to your industry must be avoided at all costs. You or your social media team must look at finishing the customer’s issue through minimum posts. Just like the above, several posts together will certainly dilute your brand.

Buying followers and likes

A common practice followed across industries to accelerate brand growth is to buy likes and followers. However, it is not really a good idea, as the audience that likes has absolutely no idea of what you have posted, and what you are saying. It will bring down the quality of your captive audience, for sure.

Copying voices echoed by other brands

This may sound tempting, but social media strategists must refrain themselves from copying the sentiments of other brands. Unexpected and new content is what social media thrives on, and copying will only beat the purpose. We all love brands that engage their customer uniquely, so why should your customers be any different?

Not giving adequate importance to videos

As per a report rolled out by Social Media Examiner, 60% of social media marketers have declared that video content is more widely accepted in comparison to written content. It is the most engaging type for this generation (and probably the next), so do not miss out its potential. Give it the due it deserves on your site, and on social media.

More than 2.6 billion people are currently using a minimum of one platform. This number is expected to touch 3 billion people by 2021- a growth of 27%. Everything you say here can be interpreted in myriad ways. Just like celebrities need to watch every word they utter to the media, even brands and ordinary people need to adopt similar strategies for achieving targets.

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