Website performance: If your website takes too long to load, your customers will abandon their shopping carts. In fact, with anything that exceeds six seconds of page load time, you start losing 90 percent of your visitors. Especially in today’s competitive market with customers expecting instantaneous page-load time, your business will truly suffer if your website has slow load time.

Slow website performance affects everything from individual transactions, to customer retention and ultimately revenue. E-commerce businesses simply cannot afford to suffer a slip in performance. In 2006, the average online shopper expected a web page to load in 4 seconds. Today, that same shopper expects your page to load in 2 seconds or less. user’s patience levels have been continuously decreasing. For e-commerce sites, web loading times are even more crucial than other sites. It has been found that a delay of microseconds can potentially cause a significant loss of revenue.

That’s the important point here. If you’re looking to grow a business through online sales, a badly performing website will not only hinder short-term sales, but it will seriously hurt your chances of long-term growth.

The seemingly obvious way to measure how quickly a website is loading is to ping the homepage and… well… see how long it takes to load! If it loads in 3 seconds, great. If it loads in 10 seconds, not so great

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